New to planning? We got you. We’re sharing tips to choose the right planner for beginners and how to get started!

Happy Planning 101



MINI Our Mini Happy Planner is small enough to carry in your purse or bag so you can plan on-the-go. It’s convenient for jotting down quick memos and reminders!

CLASSIC The Classic Happy Planner is our most popular size and we can see why! It fits all your daily plans while being small enough to carry to work, school, and on your daily commute.

BIG The Big Happy Planner is great for parents, teachers, and other professionals (especially those working from home) who use their planners at their desk! Use all the space to fill your pages with stickers and busy plans.

Check out our in-depth blog on our popular planner sizes and all the ways you can use them to suit your lifestyle! 


VERTICAL Our Vertical layout includes 3 daily box spaces that can be used for different categories. Use it as a timeline of your day and divide it by morning, afternoon, and evening. You can also separate the boxes into categories such as work, school, home, etc. The Vertical layout is a Happy Planner favorite for decorating with lots of stickers!

HORIZONTAL The Horizontal layout is a traditional layout that beginner planners may feel more comfortable using. It includes daily lined boxes for writing out plans and it’s great for note-taking!



DASHBOARD The Dashboard layout is great for list makers with its weekly side by side spreads. The left side has space for writing to-do lists, paying bills, and prioritizing any big tasks for the week. The right side has daily box spaces for plans.


TEACHER This layout was specifically designed for all our teachers. It has a Monday-Friday layout which gives you more room to plan your work days. It has daily box spaces that can be organized by different subjects or class periods. The back section also includes checklist sheets!



  1. Fill in your monthly calendars with important dates. Be sure to include birthdays, upcoming vacations, and appointments.
  2. Gather your schedules for work, home, or extracurricular activities. Fill in recurring events such as meetings, practices, or routine events.
  3. Plan by the week. Set aside time at the beginning of every week to add in your priorities. This can include due dates for tasks, a running grocery list, or to-dos. Repeat this every week and stay on track with important tasks!


Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things, here are some ways we love to personalize our planners.

Stickers  Stickers
  Accessories  Accessories
  • Swap discs! Explore all our assortment of discs and easily swap out your current ones for metal discs, glitter discs, or check out our assortment of Disney themed discs!
Discs  Discs

Check out our dedicated Happy Planning 101 page to help you choose the right planner for YOU!


The more you personalize a planner to your life, the more you’ll feel motivated to use it to stay organized! For more tips on ways to use your Happy Planner, follow us on social @the_happy_planner where we’re always sharing new ways to plan. 

Happy Planning!


  • Cathy Nelson

    It would be Really Really Really Awesome if you can possibly make a Planner( Big, Classic and Mini) by itself and in a kit/box and accessories that include washi tape, dash boards, book marks folders, stickers,filler paper, and extension packs, etc. In “Healthcare Heroes” theme.
    Sooo many Healthcare Heroes across the World especially in these trialing times of the Pandemic. Please Please Please consider this idea. You would definitely sell sooo much of these, so make lots and lots.

    Thanks in advance

  • Annmarie Gray

    Hello. I have been searching for your new Notes and Plans Undated. I have seen them on YouTube but you do not have. Hoory for Today, Get things Done, Big Ideas have Small Beginnings. Will you have them in stock? Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    I love your products.

  • Katie

    Can you come out with a black paper planner

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